Pirates Announce MVP

The Pirates held their end of season awards night on Saturday sharing the evening with several Hollywood stars before announcing the award for Most Valuable Player.

Stars spotted at the exclusive Transit Bar event included Kirk Lazarus, Alpa Chino, Todd Anderson, Isabel Bigelow, Betty Elms, Karen Flores, Evan Greer, Gwen Harrison, Nick Lang, Tracy Lime, Kit Ramsey, Anna Scott and Tugg Speedman.

After mingling with stars, it was time to count the votes for the Davy Jones Shield and in another tight race it was Brett Butler who beat Todd Gregory 34 points to 33.

Butler was curt when receiving his award preferring his clothes to do the talking for him.

Butler now joins an elite group of Pirate luminaries such as Lewis Scott, Billy Hoyle, Clarence Brown, Jackie Moon and Tristan Davies who all have their names inscribed on the prestigious Davy Jones Shield.

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