Road-Trip Proves Pointless

The Pirates road trip to Beaverton to play the 4th seed Beavers proved a disappointment to the squad and the few fans who had made the long trip to Weyland Stadium.  Joining in the Pirates misery were the Higgins Hellfish who now look almost certain to miss-out on the last available spot in the CPL finals.

It was a game where nothing went right for the visitors who were already missing power forward, Ben Roberts, and who had several players backing-up from the All-Star game held on Saturday. Simple passes that popped out of the receivers hands as well as poor passing decisions were made worse when the Beaver’s brought extra defensive pressure in the form of a half-court trap, known in Beaverton as the Beaver Trap (no innuendo intended).

The Beavers gave few second chances to the Pirates who struggled to find their range both inside and out of the three-point arc. Their solid rebounding allowed them to spend twice as much time on offence as did the Pirates and ensured that their time attacking the hoop was profitable to their score.

Spending most of their time on defence gave Pirates forward Matt Dallwitz (1 assist, 3 steals, 2 blocks, 4 rebounds) the opportunity to demonstrate his vertical leap and ball swatting abilities, twice sending his opponent’s shot into the stands bringing the visiting fans something to cheer about.

For the Beavers, Steve Le Cerf (18 points, 5 assists, 8 steals, 3 rebounds) was easily the most outstanding player on the court punishing the Pirates first through his steals and then through his open layups and close-in assists.

The early blow-out in the scores increased the frustrations of the Pirates who vented their feelings toward their opponents, officials and their own teammates, proving to serve no other purpose than to erode what little remaining positivity there was in the Pirates long CPL season. An additional ramification of their actions is the suspension of Pirates centre, Frank Fernandez who received two separate technical fouls through the course of the game.

Out of breath, out of form and out of ideas, the Pirates were left to salvage what little they could from the game by almost scoring more points in the final quarter than their first three quarters combined thanks primarily to Darren Jamieson (7 points) who made the most of some open space on the outside of the court.

The final score, 67 to 20 did come at a cost to the Beavers with an ankle injury to Ben Little (1 assist, 1 steal, 2 rebounds) giving team doctors something to worry about heading into the post-season.

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