Memes make a mockery of Pirates

“When you’re on you’re on and when you’re off you’re off.” That was the quote from a member of the Pirates coaching staff after their shock loss to the Meme Team on Monday night.

Pirates captain, Daniel Lillicrap, told his team before the game that the timing was ripe for an upset with Pirate teammates missing due to injury and illness.

The two Sparrows

True to his prophesy, the Meme team didn’t disappoint as they went about shooting the Pirates into submission.

David Nguyen (13 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist) lead the charge for the Meme Team, shooting 50% from three-point land whereas the Pirates could only manage a combined 15%.

Without some of their better performers, the Pirates relied on their old-hands to stem the flow of points headed Meme Team’s way. Dan Bray (6 points, 3 rebounds, 2 steals, 1 assist) was beneath his best this time around.

Dropping 3 from 12 outside of the arc compared to the Pirates 3 from 19 was but one of the deciding factors in the Meme Teams’ victory. The most telling aspect of the game was perhaps how much the Meme Team wanted to secure a win into the new financial year.

Plain and simple, the Pirates were beat by a better team on the night and speaking directly with Pirates CEO, Miguel Santos, after the game, he had this to say: “we are not above losing and tonight we were deservedly beaten by a team that wanted it more. I congratulate the Meme Team.”

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