Pepe visits Smethurst then Pirates

In the aftermath of last month’s media raids and the growing protests in Hong Kong, BSL staged their own raid on the Pirates cojones where sound tactics and skill saw them fend off the seafarers from the south.

BSL totally outclassed the Pirates on this occasion. Their passing and overall cohesion was impressive to watch.

Pepe visits Smethurst then the Pirates

The Pirates were at a disadvantage from the outset as BSL ran their fast break options with varied levels of resistance from their opponents. At times it ended in easy layups while in the more contested moments, the Pirates were forced to foul to stop additional points from racking up.

What ended up being unusual about this particular match-up was the three-point percentage difference and the difference in rebounds. Pirates had the superior three-point shot making 3 from 15 attempts while BSL could only manage 1 from 22 attempts; a season low for them thus far in 2019.

In rebounds though, they almost doubled the Pirates and in terms of offensive rebounds, were 14 to 3 ahead which, almost always translated to close-in points for BSL.

Just as BSL’s three-point shooting might have caused them concern, the Pirates regular shooting wasn’t much to talk about either. Barely managing 18% from within the arc when compared to BSL’s 42%, it was clear the Pirates were having an off-night.

Shooting aside, it was BSL’s offensive rebounding capability and the Pirates season-long inability to counter this statistic that delivered victory to the Apache, 44 points to 27.

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